BtoB Event Planning : WiFi as the key to successful digital transformation

With smart homes, e-health apps, location-aware apps and the IoT, WiFi has gradually become the backbone of many sectors.

Our solutions

Gérez vos hotspots

Manage your hotspots

Connect your visitors to a best-in-class online experience : treat them with a free, secured and high-performance online access. Customize your authentication portal and let your customers plunge into your digital world.


Collect data

Enhance your current database and be the owner of any data you collect to refine the knowledge of your audience.



The behavior of your customers, their profile and their preferences to conduct your segmentation. Implement a data-driven marketing strategy to communicate more efficiently.


Monetize and engage

Engage in a real-time relationship with your audience and explore new communication channels, to enhance your brand image and the experience of your customers.

Key figures


On average, 78% of mobile users check their phone every 13 minutes, i.e., 78 times a day.

(Src : Opera Mediaworks, Q3 2016)


71% of consumers feel that brands fail in surprising them

(Src : Eude Havas Paris /Opinion Way, avril 2017)


66% of those under 35 look for shops where they can do more than just buy

(Src : Eude Havas Paris /Opinion Way, avril 2017)


81% of consumers are willing to pay more to benefit from an improved customer experience

(Src : Axialys, Novembre 2016)

They trust us

An international Footprint

An international Footprint

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