Why Wi-fi ?



Is a technology widely adopted by consumers.


50% of customers

Feel secure in making a major purchase in stores that provide a Wi-Fi service



Is the top criteria when selecting a hotel.



Is a key enabler in the daily tasks of your customers and contributes to making your service, offerings and business more engaging.


6 users out of 10

Are mobile, while 71% of users aged 15 have a smartphone.


The conversion rate

Of buyers improves by 20% for consumers who use digital services in stores, compared to those who don’t. Online recommendationsstrongly influence purchases (source : Deloitte).

What are your customers’s benefits ?

Improved service and a comfortable experience.

Improved, omnichannel shopping experience at the point of sale.

Interactive experience with the brand.

A more authentic customer relationship.

Personalized relationship based on trust.

What are your benefits ?

Wi-Fi as a powerful and modern marketing lever focused on the people.

Improved revenues and monetization of your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Improved visibility across the Web and social networks.

Detailed understanding of your visitors and their path to purchase.

Customer engagement and loyalty.

Support for your digital transformation and your online business.

End-to-end user experience.


For Stores :

Promote top brands, deliver in-store special offerings and direct customers to cold spots.


For restaurants :

Attract new customers, thanks to coupons, and improve loyalty by delivering new content.


For shopping malls :

Guide visitors through maps, promote the agenda of events, and drive customers to areas that need to be valued.


For airports :

Promote duty-free and special offers to boost revenues in commercial spots, besides flight information and other valuable services (maps, high-end offers…).


For stadiums and large public venues :

Welcome visitors with personalized messages, provide a map of the venue, and offer coupons for food, special offers, and by-products related to current or upcoming events.


For museums :

Guide visitors throughout educational and interactive content and usher them into getting a taste of modern technologies.

How doest it work ?

Connect to your customized portal

Proximity Marketing encourages an experience that starts with the customization of the captive portal that provides access to the Internet. This portal can be customized in compliance with the graphic guidelines of your brand.

Simple and easy login for your users

Your customers can autonomously log into your Wi-Fi network using a subscription form or their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, to benefit from a free, seamless and secured access. They can turn into fans of your Facebook page or follow your brand on Google+ and Twitter.

You can customize the captive portal to your brand’s specifics, and make it the gateway to a free or monetized Internet access.

Personnalisez votre espace digital

A branded captive portal

UCOPIA can help deliver your brand experience through your portal, encourage traffic from social networks and design loyalty strategies. The portal can be easily and autonomously branded.

Simple and user-friendly management GUI.

Easy and secure access for users.

Up to 100,000 concurrent Wi-Fi sessions.

Customized portal : DIY in a few clicks, or rely on our team for advanced customization.

Speak to your customers in their own language (16 languages).

At most concern for security !

Are you aware that ?

91% of organizations ignore the identity of visitors connected to their Wi-Fi service ? In 70% of all cases, data supplied by such visitors are not verified (source:Olfeo).

Customers benefits

Lawful tracking of users

Access right management based on user profile and via a secured Web interface

Retention of session data

URL filtering

Support for all and any Wi-Fi access points in the market

Regulatory compliance, including with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You keep a firm grip on all data lawfully collected through your Wi-Fi infrastructure : your existing business databases are therefore enhanced with data that are yours.

gdpr, What’s in for you ?

Taking effect on May 25, 2018, the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) intends to protect personal data. It supports the fundamental rights granted to citizens to protect their privacy and personal data. This new regulation is applicable to any organization, within or outside the EU, which manages or stores personal data of an EU citizen. Failure to comply with the regulation, in case of a data breach or loss, for example, can drive significant fines (up to 4% of global turnover or €20M, whichever is higher).

As cyberattacks are more recurrent, complex and with an expanded reach, securing data collected across your Wi-Fi network contributes to the compliance with the GDPR.