Make the most from a smart Wi-fi network

Transform your physical spaces to smart stores

Know your customer better

You know what your customers do when they are online, but you don’t always know what they do when they visit your physical site. This is where Wi-Fi intelligence helps you better understand your customers, their buying patterns, and their shopping preferences at the point of sale.

Turn collected data into actionnable insights

Usage data of your Wi-Fi network is made available in real time, including the number of concurrent sessions, the average duration of a session, or the bandwidth usage. You can also increase your knowledge of your customers – Who are they ? What devices do they use ? What is their behavior ? Are they engaged and willing to share personal information and become potential customers ?

Improve your services

Such proximity, personal data and demographics, displayed in a real-time and detailed dashboard, are captured by the authentication captive portal and from social networks. With this granular visibility into Wi-Fi usage, you get to know your customers better and you can deliver an improved service.

The value chain


How about leveraging the twenty minutes spent by an individual in your store to turn him into a prospect ?


Why not encourage this regular customer in your shop to advocate your brand on social networks ?


Why not entice this customer who enjoyed a meal to leave a positive online comment ?


Value of a prospect :

a direct communication channel to the prospect


Value of a « Like/Follow » :

real subscribers on social networks


Value of a rating :

ratings published online


Value of a qualified database :

a qualified CRM entry and a streamline database

Now, you can execute marketing campaigns targeting 100,000+ mobile users who are concurrently connected to your wireless network.