New challenges for retailers.

Fundamental changes are presently taking place in the retail industry, as next-generation technologies are revamping buying patterns. To satisfy customers who are growing to be increasingly picky, new technologies are being boldly deployed to drive a powerful user experience and switch from mass marketing to truly customized relationships.

Shops have been redesigned as lively venues that offer products from local craftsmen who are made guest stars by large retailers. Retail outlets are subtly undergoing a digital facelift and have erupted into a new life form by returning to their basics. Technology devices are becoming the enablers of this new generation of retail stores that relies on a smart phygital strategy to reconcile the consumer’s online and offline habits, and deliver a unique experience through the use of data intelligence. Data analytics, indeed, is increasingly being leveraged to improve the construct of each customer.

Welcome to the retail 2.0 era.

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