The path to GDPR-ready Wi-Fi Hotspots
Collecting data in a trusted environment and redesigning the customer journey

Besides the new set of duties it imposes to organizations, the GDPR helps strike a balance between business goals and consumers expectations regarding personal data privacy. This regulation is the opportunity for organizations to earn trust from individuals, and therefore their consent to have their data collected and processed.
In this context, Wi-Fi stands as an efficient way to collect highly-qualified data and add value to the customer journey.
This white paper provides an overview on how to achieve GDPR compliance for Wi-Fi services. It also details the solutions that we offer for a GDPR-ready connectivity and Wi-Fi proximity marketing.

  • The GDPR is a major turning point in personal data protection
  • With the GDPR, companies need to rethink their hotspots and their Wi-Fi strategies
  • Wi-Fi proximity marketing to interest, know and engage your users
  • Data protection by design with UCOPIA: GDPR-compliant connectivity and Wi-Fi proximity marketing solutions

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